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重庆时时彩开奖结果:The highest madness earns nearly 100%! In the past three years, the performance of the "Best Cow" fund is all in this!

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内容摘要: Three years ago in June, the index weighed more than 5,100 points. On June 8, the index closed at 5,113.88 points. On June 12, it invented ...

Three years ago in June, the index weighed more than 5,100 points. On June 8, the index closed at 5,113.88 points. On June 12, it invented the highest point of 5178 points in the stock market.

Now, within 3 years from 5100 points, the fund's performance statistics show that a number of funds have been able to earn 30% or more of their profits if the index fell by more than 2,000 points. After

24 only four active equity and index funds performance the past three years more than 30%

Jun fund statistics June 8, 2015, to the latest results, the deduction QDII fund, which due to the net redemption of other factors are also deducted the sudden increase in product performance statistics over 30% of products.


performance in this table, a lot of people did not think that the best interests of the Fund is not actively fund, but an index fund, China Merchants Securities liquor Index grade fund , net growth reached 95.91 percent, if you choose China Merchants Securities liquor B, you can earn about 200%.

liquor stocks super strong, of course, can not do without leading shares Guizhou Maotai , this liquor leading shares soared from 260 yuan in June 2015 to around $ 800 recently, yesterday, after earlier break $ 800, three years down, Moutai stock soared more than 200%.


, Wuliangye Luzhou and other liquor stocks also have very good performance, so the liquor into the index of the most prominent, a few other food and drink white wine or fund's performance is also very prominent, Cathay Pacific rose 44 food and beverage %the above.

This 28 funds have 4 to index funds, the other 24 are active equity funds.


Dongfang Hong Ruiyuan leads the active equity fund, making 73.07% in 3 years. Behind this performance is that the fund manager has invested heavily in consumer stocks such as liquor and home appliances, which is a good grasp of the stock market.

The performance of Changan Xinli preferred A is also very prominent. It ranks as the runner-up of the active equity fund, and the net value growth rate has reached 67.06%.

9 home fund companies have two or more products selected from

fund companies, nine fund companies have more than two or two products were selected, which Dongfanghong Information Management and E Fund leading companies, Selected from 6 and 4 products respectively.


Dongfanghong Asset Management's Dongfanghong Series Active Equity Fund has excellent overall performance. In addition to Dongfang Hong Ruiyuan earning more than 70%, Dongfang Hongruiyang and Dongfang Hongruifeng have earned more than 60%, and Dongfanghong China has enjoyed 3 years of advantages. With a performance of just over 50%, Dongfanghong Industrial Upgrading and Dongfang Hong Ruiyi's performance exceeded 30%.

E Fund's performance is also very prominent. Three of the four funds are active equity funds. Funds of two major investment and consumption stocks in the consumer funds of E Fund and Xiaofangda are between 51% and 55% in the past three years. Outstanding ten of the listed equity funds. The performance of E Funda's reassuring feedback reached 35.97%, while the performance of the index fund E FANG Healthcare ETF just exceeded 30%.

Penghua Fund , before the open sea, Chang An Xinji gold fund , , Guotai Fund , Bank of Communications Schroder and fengjinxin and other seven fund companies have two 3-year performance-than-30 product %, some are 2 active equity funds, some are 1 index fund and 1 active equity fund.

In addition, Guangdong Development Fund Yinhua Fund , investment fund , and Xinhua Fund respectively, a fund performance more than 30%.

the US Nasdaq index rose over the past three years, the initiative of QDII products overseas and 20 earn more than 30%, of which the number of a few to be the most profitable track the Nasdaq 100 index fund, earn about 70%, but different underlying market, and not suitable for domestic fund performance compared directly.

blue-chip fund

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Fund Code fund referred nearly a year fee income operation
161725 Merchants Securities liquor Index classification 58.36% 1.00 % 0.10% Buy Bank account to purchase
519772 newborn vitality flexible configuration Co 56.22% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase card accounts to buy Thai
160222 country food and beverage industry index rating 50.44% 0.00 % 0.00% purchase easy to square up accounts to buy
001076 reform Dividend 46.31% 1 .50% 0.15% Buy Account Opening Purchase 7_89456_1 80_65473_9
260108 Invesco Great Wall of emerging growth mixed 45.45% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-06-07





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